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    ● 第12号 1999年 3月 ●


Some Remarks on the Texts by Foreigners on Japan up to the End of the Nineteenth Century
    How They Changed the Image of Japan Abroad and the Impact They Had
       on the Landscape Sensibilities of the Japanese
 ……Keiichi TAKEUCHI

Internal Migration in the Territory of the Former German Democratic Republic
    before German Unification
 ……Satoshi NAKAGAWA

Geography of Religion in Japan since 1977
 ……Masayasu ODA

Assessment of Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Lagoons
  -- Case Studies in Japan and Thailand --
 ……Yukihiro HIRAI, Tetsuo SATOH, Charlchai TANAVUD

Secondary Urban Centers in Metropolitan Area of Bangkok
 ……Tetsuo SATOH




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