Law School

(unit: yen)

Previous degree is from: Komazawa University Other University
First Procedure♦Entrance Registration Fee 120,000 250,000
Second Procedure
(itemized school expenses)
Tuition 650,000 650,000
Equipment Fee 300,000 300,000
Laboratory Fee N.B.3 N.B.3
♦Ed.Support Assoc.Entrance Fee 5,000
Ed.Support Assoc.Fee 10,000 10,000
♦Alumni Assoc. Fee 35,000
Amount for the second procedureFull Payment 960,000 1,000,000
Installments*first semester 480,000 520,000
second semester 480,000 480,000
Totalfirst year(annual amount) 1,080,000 1,250,000


  1. Fees marked with ♦ in the table are collected only once when students are admitted to the University.
  2. Tuition, Equipment and Laboratory Fees can be paid by installments. See the Installments column*.
  3. As Laboratory Fee, 20,000 is collected in the year when students register for 'Externship.' Similarly, 30,000 is collected in the year when students register for 'Legal Clinic.'
  4. Please inquire at the office of the Law School, regarding entrance procedures for long-term students.
  5. First-year students are required to enter the Alumni Association and their guarantors are required to enter the Education Support Association (only students who have graduated from other universities or graduate schools).
  6. The Entrance Registration Fee is applied to the Entrance Fee after the entrance procedures are finished.