Student Life

We are here to provide support so that each of you can lead a full university life.

The Careers Center

The Careers Center makes time to meet with you individually, and provides tailor-made careers advice. The Careers Center provides students with not only support in applying for various qualifications courses, internship programs and joint company information sessions, but also with practical lectures on how to join in group discussions and how to prepare for job interviews.


The Health Care Center

The Health Care Center provides not only first-aid treatment for sudden illness and injury but also medical care and counseling for physical and mental concerns. Whether you have a condition upon entering university or develop a condition after entering university which may affect your studies, you can consult doctors who specialize in internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, and psychosomatic internal medicine. This center also offers health guidance about first-aid treatment and the prevention of illness.

The Student Counseling Room

It is natural for students to have various concerns and worries during their time at university. Dealing with such concerns and worries one at a time by yourself means you will be strong enough to enter society after graduation. However, it is no good allowing these worries to build up inside so that the situation worsens. At these times, the Student Counseling Room comes into play. Here you can consult our professional counselors, advisors and lawyers in total confidentiality about your concerns no matter how small or big they may be.

The International Center

The International Center, established in May, 1988, is the office for the international exchange of students and scholars. The center promotes the internationalization of the University. One of its main activities is to teach Japanese language and culture to international students and to the Japanese returnee students who have lived extensively in foreign countries. The center also provides English language instruction for Komazawa University students.


International Exchange House

Komazawa University has a dormitory with 18 private rooms and three rooms with two bed rooms. This accommodation is available only for official exchange students, visiting scholars and researchers. The International Center assigns the rooms to official exchange students as its first priority, and secondly to visiting scholars and researchers.

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Clubs and Activities

Sports Association

The members of the Sports Association are the stars who take part in official matches to uphold the honour of the University and the club. All groups which are members of the Komazawa University Sports Association are affiliated members of the various sports federations. If you have the motivation, even complete beginners can become active members.

Cultural and Arts Clubs

These groups were established half a century ago and have a long tradition. You can really make the most of your time at university by joining one of these cultural, arts, study or performance clubs, where you will be able to make new friends and meet new challenges.