Overview of KOMSTUDY

KOMSTUDY is designed for students of exchange partner universities of Komazawa Univesiry.

KOMSTUDY is a Japanese language and culture program organized by KomazawaUniversity, with a track record of over 30 past implementations. Participants engage in a three-week program that includes Japanese language classes, cultural experiences, field trips and homestays, contributing to a deeper understanding of the Japanese language and culture. This program is open to students who have never studied Japanese, with a focus on sparking interest in Japan. It also provides an excellent opportunity with students who have already studied Japanese but not yet visited Japan.

Throughout the program, many Komazawa University students actively support participants during Japanese language classes and cultural experiences. Spending a significant amount of time with Komazawa University students, one of the appealing aspects of KOMSTUDY, enable participants to make friends with Japanese students during the program.


Informtaion on KOMSTUDY 2024

1. Period: June 21, 2024 - July 14, 2024
2. Place: Komazawa University (the heart of Tokyo, Japan)
3. Contents: Japanese language classes (30 hours), Japanese cultural experiences (10 hours), educational field trips (twice)
4. Accommodation: Homestay
5. Language: Japanese and English (Those who don't use Japanese or English are very welcome and can participate in the program)
6. Program fee: 245,000 yen to 260,000 yen

If you need further information, please check the brochure.

KOMSTUDY 2024 Brochure (English and Japanese)

KOMSTUDY 2024 Brochure_English.pdf

KOMSTUDY 2024パンフレット_日本語.pdf

Application Procedure

Please complete the application on the dedicate website for KOMSTUDY 2024!

1. Access the dedicated KOMSTUDY 2024 website below;
2. Complete the application by filling out the necessary information (participant details) from 'New Nomination'.
Application Period (JST): February 19, 2024 to March 19, 2024 12:00 PM

After completing Step 1, log in to your account with your login ID and password, then proceed to My Account. From there, make a payment using a credit card for the program fee from 'Next (select a payment method)'.
Payment Deadline (JST): After Step 1 completion until March 19, 2024 (Thu) 12:00 PM

☆Participation application completed upon completion of STEP1 and STEP2.

Register pledge agreement and copy of the photo page of your passport through My Account on the dedicated page.
Registration Period (JST): March 22, 2024 to April 12, 2024 12:00 PM

Register your flight ticket and overseas travel insurance information through My Account on the dedicated page.
Registration Deadline (JST): May 31, 2024 12:00 PM

Promotional Video about KOMSTUDY

Click here (YouTube)

Contact Information

International Center, Komazawa University
1-23-1 Komazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo 154-8525 JAPAN