Faculty of Law

Why not join us in trying to understand the fabric of contemporary society?

Department of Law

In order to respond to complex contemporary legal issues, this Department provides special courses in environmental law, intellectual property law, and consumer law. Students cultivate a practical sense of the law through courses given by law practitioners (e.g., lawyers, public servants, and tax accountants), who are actively engaged in legal work in the community.

In your first year you study foundational courses such as Constitutional Law, Civil Law, and Criminal Law.

From the second year you can register for applied and advanced courses in Commercial Law, Civil Procedure Law, and Criminal Procedure Law.

Department of Political Science

Beginning with a course called "Contemporary Society and Politics" which allows you to learn how core politics drives society, this Department provides courses which deal with priority areas in society such as "International and Area Studies," "Politics and Media Studies" and "Government and Public Policy." In seminar classes you will have the opportunity to study with teachers who may expect you to do field research, engage in debates, or visit parliament or courts. In the Centre for Research in Mass Communications, you will be able to study how newspapers are put together and presented.

In your first year you study how society functions and ways of thinking about it mainly through introductory courses on politics and public administration.

In your second year you choose courses for yourself which fit your future goals and study to acquire the knowledge and methods which form the basic content of each course.

In your third and fourth years you study advanced courses which introduce a practical and professional element. You can also take relevant courses in other Faculties and Departments which will stretch you further. And in seminar classes you will apply the knowledge you have gained by carrying out your own research projects and surveys.

Academic Staff

FUKUDA Seiji LL.D. Civil Law
HAYAKAWA Yoshiki M.A. in Law Political Process
HARADA Keiichiro LL. M. Social Security Law
HARAGUCHI Nobuo LL.D. Criminal Law
HIRAKAWA Eiko LL.M. Tax law,Administrative Law
INOUE Kenichi LL.M. Business Law
KIYOTAKI Hitoshi LL.D. History of Political Thought
KUMAGAI Shisei LL.M. Civil Law
MABUCHI Kiyoshi M.A.in Law Law of Civil Procedure
MIFUNE Emi Ph.D. (Political Science) International Relations,Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy
MIYAKE Yuhiko LL.D. Constitutional Law
MURAI Ryota Ph.D. (Political Science) Political and Diplomatic History of Japan
NAKANO Yuji LL.D. Political Sociology
SAKAMOTO Tatsuya Ph.D. (Law) Commercial Law
SHINOHARA Nobutaka M.A.in Law Labor Law
TAKAHASHI Hiroki LL.D. Philosophy of Law
TAKENAKA Chika M.A. in Law Civil Law, Family Law
TAMARU Dai M.A. (Law) Public Administration
TOMISAKI Takashi M.A. in Law Political Psychology
UEDA Rieko LL.D. European Legal History
UCHIUMI Mari Ph.D. (Political Science)
Urban Policy・Local Government
URATA Sanae M.A. in Pol.Sci. European Political History
WANG Zhi-an LL.D. International Law, Dispute Settlement in International Law
Associate Professor
KOJIMA Takahiro LL.D. Intellectual Property Law
MITAKE Naoya Master of Arts Comparative Politics
MIURA Kohei LL.M. Commercial Law
MUKAIDA Masami M.A. in Law Civil Law
NAKAHAMA Yoshiaki M.A. in Law Commercial Law
NAKATA Hideyuki Ph.D. (Law) Civil Law
OKADA Yoshihiro LL.M. Law of Civil Procedure
OSAKA Iwao M.A. in Law Political Communication, Journalism
TAKADA Sanemune Ph.D. in Law Administrative Law
UMEKAWA Hana Ph.D. in Political Science American Politics
CHOI Gayoung Kaei Ph.D. in Political Science Political Economy,Welfare State
OKU Tadanori LL.D. Constitutional Law
TOGASHI Keiko LL.D. Criminal Law