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Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences (ii)

The Second Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences has a master's degree program and a doctoral degree program. It has six divisions: Japanese Literature, English and American Literature, Geography, History, Sociology, and Psychology. Tuition and research are conducted according to the special nature of each field of study.

The goal of the master's degree program in each field of study is to provide students with a sophisticated ability within their area of research. The doctoral degree program trains candidates to become proficient in original and independent research.

The graduate program is noted for the outstanding scholarship and zeal of the professors in each of its departments. Professors are known to give passionate and exciting lectures, seminars, tutorials, and private guidance in the thesis research of each student. The professors who act as student advisors very often directly engage with their students in joint research activities and present academic papers together with their students in annual academic conferences. The intense interaction between students and professors perhaps accounts for the excellence of the students' research work and the enthusiasm that the students bring to their research.

A further factor which accounts for the heightened enthusiasm of students in this program is the opportunity they have to share the fruit of their research. Seminar activity makes it readily possible to communicate their research findings with other students and professors and they are able to publish their research findings in various on- and off-campus bulletins.

Those who major in Japanese literature or Japanese history study topics which reflect the nature of Japan, and the other major areas also deal with topics that are ethnically sensitive. Students are guided to use great sensitivity when they undertake to examine and analyze such topics. For more details, please refer to the syllabus describing the subjects open to all divisions.