You can deepen the understanding you gained during your undergraduate degree at Graduate Schools which carry out high level research from a broad range of perspectives. Currently, there are two-year Masters courses and three-year Doctoral courses in fourteen majors in seven Graduate Schools at Komazawa, excluding the Law School. The research output attracts considerable attention in each field and we aim to produce graduates who can perform in a wide range of areas.

Postgraduate ProgramsDepartmentDegree
Master 's ProgramDoctoral Program
Graduate School of Buddhist Studies Buddhism M.A. (Buddhism) Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Arts and Sciences Japanese Literature M.A. (Japanese Literature) Ph.D. (Japanese Literature)
English and American Literature M.A. (English and American Literature) Ph.D. (English and American Literature)
Geography M.A. (Geography) Ph.D. (Geography)
History M.A. (History) Ph.D. (History)
Sociology M.A. (Sociology) Ph.D. (Sociology)
Psychology (Psychology & Clinical Psychology) M.A. (Psychology) Ph.D. (Psychology)
Economics Economics M.A. (Economics) Ph.D. (Economics)
Commerce Commerce M.A. (Commerce) Ph.D. (Commerce)
Law Public Law LL.M. (Laws) LL.D. (Laws)
Private Law LL.M. (Laws) LL.D. (Laws)
Business Administration Business Administration M.A. (Business Administration) Ph.D. (Business Administration)
Health Sciences Radiological Sciences M.H.S. (Health Sciences) D.H.S. (Health Sciences)
Global Media Studies Global Media M.A. (Media)
Legal Research and Training (Law School) Legal Research and Training Juris Doctor