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Graduate Division of Legal Research and Traning (law school)

The Graduate Division of Legal Research and Training, or Komazawa University Law School, was established in April 2004 with the purpose of training lawyers and reforming the judicial system.

Various elements in the curriculum are intended to bridge practice and theory. In particular, the following are advantages of the present curriculum: effective education in small classes, a close with the First Tokyo Bar Association, and teamwork between the academic and practical staff. Education in small classes enables the students to discover how they should serve as lawyers who need to listen to their clients. The tie-up with the First Tokyo Bar Association makes possible a very practical education through Externship and the Legal Clinic. The teamwork between the Law School's academic and practical staff leads to construction of theories on the basis of practice as well as encouraging practice to verify the justice of theories.

The present curriculum consists of Basic Law Courses, Basic Courses in Legal Practice, Basic Courses of Law, Associated Courses, and Advanced/Applied Courses. Advanced/Applied Courses are divided into the Business Law Course and the Civil Law Course and students have to choose between these two main. It is our belief that current Business and Civil Law are in need of revision, gives us good reason to produce lawyers trained in Business and Civil Law who will work actively in these fields.

The Graduate Division of Legal Research and Training (Law School) Course Offerings are for both students who graduated from the Department of Law and students who graduated from departments other than the Department of Law.