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Graduate Division of Health Scineces

The Graduate Division of Health Sciences was established in April, 2007 with the goal of producing highly specialized experts with a deep insight gained from their studies in the Faculty of Health and Sciences.
It is expected that such experts will occupy leadership roles in the field of medical radiology.

The Graduate Division comprises two courses: the Medical Image Course and the Medical Radiation Measurement Course. The former is divided into a Diagnostic Information in Medical Imaging area and a Medical Imaging Technology area.

The object of Diagnostic Information in Medical Imaging is to train students to acquire an expert knowledge of image processing together with a more professional diagnostic knowledge. Graduates are expected to excel as leaders in the field of medical radiology in medical institutions and as diagnostic experts in medical firms as well as contributing more generally to the medical world and society.

The object of the Medical Imaging Technology is to impart the medical knowledge necessary for radiotherapeutics and to foster the ability to apply that knowledge in imaging technology examinations.

The Medical Radiation Measurement Course trains students to master the measuring technology needed in the fields related to radiology. In this program students master the methods for processing and analyzing data gathered through radiological technology and develop the ability to solve difficulties and make improvements in medical treatment through radiation techniques.