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Graduate Division of Business Administration

The Graduate Division of Business Administration shapes its goals from the requirements of society. The goal of its academic research is higher efficiency in business administration, and its pedagogic activity aims to produce professionals of refined knowledge and special ability. Finally, the high education and qualification of the foreign students who will be contributing to the international weal will count among the benefits of this program.

The graduate research program offers the following courses: Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Financial Management, Mathematics for Management, Information Sciences, Business History, Insurance, Accounting, Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Business Analysis, Auditing, Economics, International Economics, and occasionally other courses as well.

Lectures and seminars in these subjects deal with the doctrines, policies, histories, techniques, and further aspects of the topic at hand. The Business Administration research program gives special attention to analysis of the theories of administration which have been improvised and implemented in Japan, America, England, France, and Germany.

Tuition in the seminars and lecture courses is conducted mainly in Japanese, but in cases where it is more appropriate to the topic, English may be used in some seminars and lecture courses. It is, however, the strong wish of the Graduate division that foreign students make every possible effort to master Japanese. The program has regularly accepted students from Asian countries including South Korea and China into its degree program. The graduate Division also maintains exchange student programs with certain foreign universities.

For detailed information about the contents of the various courses and instructors, foreign students should refer to the syllabus of the program.