Graduate Division of Business Administration

The Graduate Division of Business Administration established a master's program in 1973 and a doctoral program in 1977. Since then, in the field of business administration education, this graduate division has set forth educational objectives that address the diverse demands of society, and these include: (1) promoting academic research and achieving a track record regarding international contributions, (2) cultivating high-level researchers and specialists, (3) cultivating specialized professionals (certified public accountants, tax accountants, etc.) who possess high-level specialized knowledge and skills, and (4) promoting the acceptance of foreign students from overseas and full-fledged members of society and supporting their achievement of educational outcomes and earning of degrees as part of international and social contributions. In order to achieve these objectives and produce results, this graduate division has been pushing forward education and research with the aim of enabling enrolled graduate students to acquire internationally viable high-level specialized scholarly attainments in specialized fields of business administration to supplement their existing basic academic skills, and cultivating researchers and specialists who are deeply passionate about research.

The subjects offered in the master's program of this graduate division are in the five fields of business administration, accountancy, economics, marketing, and management science, and each subject has lectures and exercises. In addition, in order to contribute to foreign-language academic development that is needed for specialized research, subjects are offered regarding English, German, French, and Chinese foreign literature study. In the doctoral program, diverse research guidance subjects are offered centering on business administration and accountancy.

In this graduate division, the special subject that a student has selected for the graduate school entrance examination (one of the following subjects: business administration, accountancy, economics, marketing, or management science) becomes that student's specialized subject following enrollment. The specialized fields, the subjects offered for each field, and the related faculty members and academic advisors can be viewed on this graduate division's "list of academic advisors."