Special Courses

For non-native Japanese speaking students the following courses in Japanese language and Japanese studies are offered.

Introductory Japanese Language Ia, Ib -IIa, IIb 1 Improves speaking, writing, listening and reading skills in elementary Japanese.
Japanese Language Ia, Ib -VIa, VIb 1 Improves speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills in intermediate and advanced Japanese. The advanced courses train students in conversational fluency, aural comprehension of newspapers and news programs, and writing skills sufficient for composing a thesis in Japanese.

(a, b mean 1st Sem. and 2nd Sem. respectively.)

Japanese Affairs I 2 Geography
Japanese Affairs II 2 Natural Sciences
Japanese Affairs III 2 History
Japanese Affairs IV 2 Philosophy
Japanese Affairs V 2 Society
Japanese Affairs VI 2 Politics and Law
Japanese Affairs VII 2 Japanese Literature
Japanese Affairs VIII 2 Culture and Arts
Japanese Affairs IX 2 Economics
Japanese Affairs X 2 Business Administration
Japanese Affairs Ⅺ 2 Buddhism and Zen
Japanese Affairs Ⅻ 2 Global Media