Faculty of Business Administration

Why not join us to learn how companies which produce goods which everyone wants really work?

Department of Business Administration

This Department aims to foster "professional managers" who can think independently and take action in response to sudden changes in contemporary society. The Department places an emphasis not only on a variety of specialized courses but also on discussion and group work in seminar courses so that students can acquire the problem-solving skills which are required of today's business managers.

In your first year you will acquire the knowledge and ideas which will act as a foundation for the next stage of your studies through courses such as Corporate Management, Economic Analysis, Corporate Accounting, and Corporate Bookkeeping.

In your second, third and fourth years of study you will be able to choose from over fifty specialized courses according to your own interests and you will be able to register for seminar courses with small class sizes.

Department of Marketing Management

In this Department you will have opportunities to learn strategies for making full use of corporate management resources (people, goods, money, and information) so as to meet customers' needs or to create markets in an unrivaled way in collaboration with outside partners. The Faculty places an emphasis on small-group education so as to develop your individual ability and the ability to work in teams and provides freshman seminars and seminars for second year to fourth year-students.

In your first and second years you will take courses which are essential for becoming marketing experts who are well-versed in management skills. The systematic approach allows you to gradually acquire these skills in both basic and practical courses.

In your third and fourth years you will engage in lots of discussion with expert instructors and other seminar members so that you develop an ability to explain your own original ideas logically.

Academic Staff

AOKI Shigeki M.A. in Commerce Distribution Systems
FUJIWARA Atsushi M.A. in Commerce Production Management
FUKUDA Shin Ph.D. (Commerce) Macroeconomics
HINO Kenta Ph.D. (Commerce) Organization Theory
IIDA Tetsuo Ph.D. (Engineering) Business Mathematics
KANEMURA Eitetsu M.A. in Commerce Marketing
KANNO Saori M.A. in Commerce Consumer Behavior
KASHIMA Hideaki M.A. in Economics Personnel Management and Labor Relations
KAWAI Yukari Ph.D. (Commerce) International Accounting
KISHIDA Takayuki M.A. in Commerce Cost Accounting
KOMOTO Keisho M.A. Modern Corporations
KUWABARA Masayuki Ph.D. (Management) Financial Accounting
MURAYAMA Motomasa Ph.D.in Commerce and Management Business and Society
NAGA Kokyo Ph.D. (Science) Business Statistics
NAKAGAWA Junpei M.A. in Economics History of Management Theory
NAKAMURA Kazunari Ph.D.(Economics) Japanese Economic History
NAKAMURA Koichi Ph.D. Strategic Management
NAKANO Kaori M.A. in Commerce Marketing Communication
ONOSE Hiromu Ph.D. in Management Entrepreneurship
OTA Yasuhiro Ph.D. in Management Small and Medium Enterprise
OZAWA Toshihisa Ph.D. (Science) Management Science
SAITO Kuniyoshi Ph.D.(Economics) Industrial Organization
SARUYAMA Yoshihiro Ph.D. (Commerce) Management Accounting
TOYODA Taro Ph.D. in Economics Business History
WAKAYAMA Daiki Ph.D. in Management Marketing Science
WATANABE Itsuko Ph.D. (Economics) Business Management
YAMAFUJI Ryutaro Ph.D. in Commerce and Management Japanese Business History
Associate Professor
TAKETANI Keigo M.A. in Commerce Services Marketing
TANAKA Tomonori Ph.D.(Professional Accounting) Auditing
TSUKAHARA Makoto Ph.D.(Commerce and Management) Business Analysis
YAMAMURA Hirofumi Ph.D. (Engineering) Microeconomics
YANAGI Ayako Ph.D. (Management) Tax Accounting
SUGINISHI Yuuichi Ph.D. (Science) Management Information System