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Department of Economics

After receiving an extensive grounding in general economics in general, you will begin to create theoretical models of your own and conduct statistical analyses of data. The courses provided are designed to meet the future needs of students in their chosen field or career and ensure that students systematically learn about their specialization.

In your first year you will gain basic study skills through the Foundation Seminar, receive a broad, basic education through the University Common Courses, and will build the foundations you will need in your specialist field.

In your second year you will deepen your specialist knowledge in small seminar classes and will systematically take specialist subjects in your chosen field.

In your third year you will be able to gain a wider understanding of economics by taking courses in the Departments of Commerce and Contemporary Applied Economics.

In your final year you will be able to bring everything you have learned together in a graduation thesis which you complete under the course "Graduation Research" and which you take alongside your seminar class.

Department of Commerce

By thinking about how contemporary society should relate to markets and to the companies at their center, you will begin to acquire the ability to think theoretically and practically for yourself. The Department of Commerce offers courses specifically designed to help you decide on a career path and you will have opportunities to hear about the latest business trends from lecturers who are currently working in companies.

In your first year you will learn how today's companies operate in the market covering basic areas such as distribution and information, accounting and management, and finance and trade.

In your second year you will build on your basic knowledge of commerce and will develop the ability to think about society as you begin to gain a more specialized understanding.

In your third year you will become more deeply engaged with commerce as you explore your own interests and you will start to try to uncover problems which contemporary companies face.

In your fourth year you will spend more time investigating the problems you have identified and will consolidate your own ideas regarding the ways in which contemporary society relates to the markets.

Department of Contemporary Applied Economics

In our Department you will learn how to view rapidly changing current economic phenomena from both a macro and micro perspective through our comprehensive curriculum which will allow you to grasp new economic trends. You will have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge areas such as game theory as well as classic economic theory and economics as a system and its relationship with law. The Department also offers courses which look at a variety of organizations which support community economics. These courses focus on the management of such organizations. The curriculum is designed to allow you to choose from a wide selection of courses.

In your first year you will learn techniques for acquiring many types of knowledge which you will encounter at university while at the same time taking liberal arts courses and learning about the fundamentals of economics.

In your second year you will deepen your understanding and gain greater expertise by taking courses outside the basic core and by joining seminar classes.

In your third year, based on a firm understanding of the essentials of commerce, you will further develop your expertise and your ability to think about society.

In your fourth year you will look carefully at the problems you have identified for yourself and will begin to form your own ideas and opinions about contemporary society and how it relates to the market.

Academic Staff

AKASHI Hideto Ph.D. (Social Sciences) Political Economy
ANEHA Aki Ph.D. (Economics) Consumption Economics
ASADA Shinji Ph.D. Economic History
ARAI Daisuke Ph.D. (Finance) Banking
BAMBA Hiroyuki Ph.D. (Commerce)
Ph.D. (Pedagogy)
Distribution Theory,Educational Sociology
FUKAMI Yasutaka Ph.D. (Economics) Securities Market Theory

HOJO Masakazu

Ph.D.(International Public Policy)

Education Economics
ISHIKAWA Yuji Ph.D. (Commerce) Accounting
IWANAMI Fumitaka Ph.D. (Business Administration) Business Management
KITAGUCHI Rie Ph.D. (Economics) Tax Accounting
KOBAYASHI Masato M.A. in Econ. Japanese Economic Affairs
KONISHI Hiromi Ph.D. (International Relations) Global Finance
MATSUDA Takeshi Ph.D. (Commerce), M.A.in Political Science Contemporary Enterprise
MATSUI Ryuhei M.A.in Econ Economic Theory
MATSUMOTO Noriko Ph.D. (Commerce) Non-Profit Organizations
MIYATA Korefumi Ph.D. (Economics) History of Economic Thought
MIZUNO Shoko Ph.D. Economic History
MORITA Yoshihiro M.A. in Com. Auditing
MURAMATSU Kanji B.A. in Econ Economic Analysis of Law
NAGAYAMA Munehiro Ph.D. (Business Administration) Regional Economy
ONO Tetsuaki


Distribution Theory
OTSU Kento


Asian Economic Affairs
SHIROTA Jun Ph.D. (Commerce) Finance
SUZUKI Nobue M.A. (Economics) Public Economics
TACHI Kentaro Ph.D. (Economics) Industrial Organization
TAKANO Manabu Ph.D.(Commerce) Cost Accounting
TANAKA Ryoichi Ph.D. (International Relations) European Economy
WATANABE Keiichi Ph.D. (Economics) Economic History of Japan
YAMADA Masatoshi Ph.D.(Business Administration) Sustainable Management
YANO Koiti Ph.D. (Statistical Science) Statistics
YOSHIDA Kentaro Ph.D.(Business Administration) Entrepreneurship
YOSHIDA Masahiro Ph.D. (Economics) International Finance
YOSHIMURA Junichi Ph.D. (Commerce) Marketing
Associate Professor
EGUCHI Masataka Ph.D. (Economics) Public Finance
FUKUSHIMA Koji Ph.D. (Economics) International Economic Affairs
HAJIMA Yuki Ph.D.(Economics) Principles of Political Economy
HORIUCHI Kenichi M.A. (Economics) Principles of Poritical Economy
INOUE Tomohiro Ph.D. (Economics) Macroeconomics
LI Yan Ph.D(Business Administration) Financial accounting
MASUDA Mikito Ph.D. (Economics) Demographic Economics
NAKANISHI Daisuke M.A. (Economics) Macromarketing
OHMAE Tomofumi Ph.D. (Economics) Small and Medium Enterprises
TANAKA Soichiro M.A. (Economics) Social Policy
WANG Yinglin Ph.D. (Economics) Chinese Economic Affairs
YAMANAKA Tatsuya Ph.D.(Commerce) Political Economy of Emerging Countries
KAWADA Yoko Ph.D.(Economics) Social Choice Theory
KURIKI Ayako Ph.D.(Commerce) Financial Accounting,Public-Sector Accounting