Faculty of Global Media Studies

Uncover the true essence of the information which flows through global networks, understand the role of the various media which convey this information, and equip yourself with a fully communicative ability in English.

Department of Global Media

To help nurture talented people who can operate in the rapidly developing global society, this Department offers courses which allow you to develop your communication abilities both in English and in terms of media and IT literacy. This Department also offers interdisciplinary courses in economics, business administration, sociology, international cultural studies, law, communication, and information science, which are designed to help you understand the true nature of media and of the content they carry.

In your first year you will learn about information literacy and media literacy taught by IT and media specialists and you will be taught practical English by native English instructors.

From your second year you will have the opportunity to gain overseas experience through long-term and short-term study abroad programs and through overseas internships which will help you acquire the ability to operate on the global stage.

In your third year you will be able to choose an area from a range of interdisciplinary courses which fits your own interests and you will be able to deepen your knowledge of this area by participating in a seminar class taught by someone who specializes in this field.

In your fourth year you will enhance your chances of finding a job by learning about what is happening in industry through taking classes taught jointly by full-time lecturers and people actually working in business.

Academic Staff

ASHWELL Tim Ph.D. Applied Linguistics
HATTORI Akira Ph.D. Socio-Informatics
ISHIKAWA Norihiro Ph.D. Internet Technology, Mobile Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Home Network, Smart Home
KAGAMI Yoko M.A.in Public Administration, M.A in international Management, Ph.D.in Business Administration Global Management and Strategy
KAWASAKI Kenichi M.A. in Soc. Cultural Sociology
KINUKAWA Shinya Ph.D. in Economics Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Econometrics
KO En Ph.D. in Socio-information and Communication Studies Historical Sociology
LYNSKEY Michael J. M.B.A., M.Sc., D.Phil. Business Economics, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management Strategy
NISHIOKA Yoko Ph.D. in Media and Governance Media Industry and Governance
PARK Jeongsoo Ph.D. in Commerce Marketing Communication, Digital Marketing
SHIBASAKI Atsushi Ph.D. in International Relations International Relations, International Cultural Relations, Global Relations
TEZUKA Yoshiharu Ph.D. in Media & Communications Media & Cultural Studies
YAMAGUCHI Hiroshi Ph.D. in Business Administration Business Finance, Risk Management
YOSHIDA Naofumi Ph.D. in Engineering Database Systems, Multimedia Systems
Associate Professor
UMEDA Michio Ph.D. in Political Science Electoral Studies, Quantitative Analysis in Social Sciences
ABE Yasuhito Ph.D. in Communication Media and Communication Studies,Citizen Science
AOYAGI Saizo Ph.D. in Energy Science

Human Interface,Human Computer Interaction

HIRAI Tatsunori Ph.D. in Engineering Multimedia Information Processing
HOSHINO Masashi Doctor of Economics Development Economics
MATSUMAE Satowa Master of Information Studies Intormation Low & Policy
SUGIMORI Kentaro M.S. in Education (TESOL) TESOL
WOLF James Doctor of Education.
Ed.D, in Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(TESOL)
Full-time Assistant
HONDA Ken Ph.D.(Media Studies) Media Informatics