Graduate Division of Law

The Graduate Division of Law has established the two majors of a public law major and a private law major, and it is aimed at bestowing deep scholarly attainments based on broad perspectives, and cultivating the high-level capabilities needed for professions and so on that require research skills or high-level expertise in specialized fields.

The areas of specialization in the public law major consist of constitutional law, as well as administrative law, criminal law, criminal procedure law, criminal policy, tax law, philosophy of law, legal history, international public law, and social security law. Students can engage in multidisciplinary research by taking adjacent subjects and related subjects centering on their specialized field. In the master's program, students make an effort to examine sophisticated methodologies, theories, and practices more deeply and broadly based on what they have learned in the Faculty of Law, and in the doctoral program, students develop their own logic in their specialized field and cultivate the ability to express this in academic society.

In the private law major, the main focus is placed on cultivating jurisprudence researchers and specialized professionals who have the ability to address realistic issues and develop policies for problem-solving in line with the needs of modern society, and the aim is the achievement of "gyogaku ichinyo (action that is hand-in-hand with learning)" based on the fostering of wide perspectives and abundant applied skills.

In this major, in order to achieve the objectives of programs, diverse lecture subjects are offered, and a curriculum has been adopted in which a focus is placed on high-level research guidance (exercises). More specifically, class subjects have been set up regarding civil law, such as contract law, property law, tort law, and family law; commercial law, such as company law, bill and check law, and insurance law; and civil procedure law for the handling of court procedures for resolving conflicts in life-related interpersonal relationships.

When students enroll, they choose various research subjects and research themes, and in line with this, the faculty member who will give them guidance regarding the creation of their master's thesis and so on is decided. Then, meticulous guidance is provided based mainly on a one-on-one system. As a result, thus far, this graduate division has produced a large number of researchers, including full-time faculty members and part-time lecturers, and specialized professionals such as tax accountants.