User's Guides

Entering the Library

Please scan your ID or library card at the entrance gate.

Borrowing Privileges

Undergraduate Students 2 weeks 10
Graduate Students 2 weeks
1 month (books in closed stacks)
Faculty and Staff 2 weeks
3 month (books in closed stacks)
Registered visitors 2 weeks 5

※You may not check out any materials during examination periods in January.

Checking Out

Please use self-checkout machine on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Follow the instruction on the screen. ID card is required.
You cannot borrow books when you hold overdue books.
When you check out books in the closed stacks, please bring books and your ID card to the Main counter.

Types of materials that can not be borrowed

  • Unbound journals
  • Newspapers
  • Reference books
  • Dissertations
  • Audio materials
  • Microforms
  • Rare books
  • Other materials as determined by University librarian


You can renew materials only once.
Use self-checkout machine to renew due dates.
If you would like to renew books in closed stacks, come to the Main counter.
You can renew with your ID card (without materials) until the previous day of due date.
If there is a hold on the material, you cannot renew the material.


If the material you wish to borrow has been checked out, you may reserve it through WebOPAC or at the Main counter.
The Library will notify you when the material is available.
Returned material will be kept at the Main counter for a week.


To return the materials, bring them to the Main counter.
After the procedure, please return the materials to the shelf where they were placed (not including materials in closed stacks. They are returned by staff.)
After the Library is closed, return them to the book drop box in front of the library.

Overdue Penalties

When overdue, you will be suspended from the service for the same period. For example, if you keep books for three days after due date, you cannot borrow books for three days(maximum 7 days).

Lost or Damaged Books

If you lose or damage a book, you must replace the book or pay the current price for replacement.


Copiers are located next to the reference counter.
Black and white 10yen per a copy.

Library materials have to be copied under the conditions specified in the copyright law.
To make a copy, fill out the request form and drop it in request form drop-box.
The request forms and box are placed near copiers.

You are required to observe the following regulations :

  • Copying is allowed only for the purpose of study or research.
  • For each item, a single copy per person is allowed.
  • Only up to half of any book can be copied.
  • Theses or articles in periodicals may be entirely duplicated, but should be limited to those published at least three months ago, or whose next issue has been already published.
  • You may copy the materials kept in Komazawa University Library only. (not personal etc.)

※If you need to copy an entire book or following items, ask the library staff.

  • Materials that has the label禁複製
  • Materials in bad condtion
  • Rare books and Japanese old books

Materials in Closed Stacks

Japanese old books, bound journals and foreign books are kept in closed stacks in the basement. (If location is "B1 or BM2 or B2" in OPAC search result, that means the material is in closed stack.)
When you wish to use materials in closed stacks, fill out the request form and submit it to the Main counter.
Komazawa University faculties, staff and graduate students who took a guidance of how to use the materials in closed stacks are permitted to enter to the closed stacks area.

Rules in the Library

  • When you enter the Library, please carry your ID or library card with you.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the Library.
  • Please set your cell phone to "silent mode" and refrain from talking.
  • You are responsible for looking after your personal belongings.
  • Activities which disturb others or interfere with study are prohibited.

Users who are in serious violation of rules may be suspended from the Library.